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Personalisation and ‘The Age of Me’!

There is a real buzz at the moment around personalisation and as an advocate of social media and marketing innovation I feel compelled to write about it, particularly after attending three fantastic webinars that touched on the subject last week by Marketer Magazine, Event and C&IT Magazine and CIM. Continue reading “Personalisation and ‘The Age of Me’!”

Diary of an #Eventprof’s ‘Venue Spotlight’ – InterContinental® London – The O2!

As an event professional and more importantly resident and lover of all things Greenwich, I was extremely excited to hear about the opening of the hotel I’m featuring in my first Diary of an #Eventprof’s ‘Venue Spotlight’ feature. Continue reading “Diary of an #Eventprof’s ‘Venue Spotlight’ – InterContinental® London – The O2!”

What Personal Development means to me…

I took part in a very interesting #EventPlannersTalk on twitter last night and the question of personal development came up. I’m currently on my own personal development journey Continue reading “What Personal Development means to me…”

5 Reasons why the Events Industry is the best to work in!

I came into the industry from a PA background approximately 17 years ago and have never left. I love working in the Events Industry and that is the main motivation for my decision to change from Sales Manager to Event Manager. Continue reading “5 Reasons why the Events Industry is the best to work in!”

To App or not to App, that is the question?

I’ve attended a number of industry events recently where technology has been the main topic on the agenda and in particular ‘Event Apps’, so I wanted to write a post giving a bit of insight into what I’ve learnt and what I’ll be thinking about as I embark on my journey into event management. Continue reading “To App or not to App, that is the question?”

5 Tips for Negotiating Discounts with Venues!

It’s all about negotiation!  If you’d love to secure a discount but don’t know where to start, here’s a very quick guide on how to strike a bargain with your chosen venue.  Continue reading “5 Tips for Negotiating Discounts with Venues!”

Measuring the Return on Events… what are your thoughts?

It’s relatively new territory for me so I wanted my first blog to encourage some conversation and debate as I’m very interested to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas. Continue reading “Measuring the Return on Events… what are your thoughts?”

Raise the curtain for the new ‘Diary of an #Eventprof’ blog

Hello and welcome to the ‘Diary of an #Eventprof’ blog!

My name is Helen Moon and I’ve worked in the Events Industry since 1997. Continue reading “Raise the curtain for the new ‘Diary of an #Eventprof’ blog”

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