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Bipolar & Me

My name is Helen Moon, I’m an Events Professional and I have Bipolar. Continue reading “Bipolar & Me”

A Review of the Year

Well how was it for you? 2016 I mean, how was it for you really?

My 2016 was pretty good, the first official year as a fully re-qualified event marketer. First official year as director of EWL Club. Last but by no means least, first official year as a new mum! Continue reading “A Review of the Year”

5 Top Tips to Starting your own Business

It’s approximately 18 months now since I started as a freelance events marketer and made the decision to set up EWL Club.  I can’t quite believe how far both businesses have come along in such a short period of time, and can quite honestly say I’m in what I consider to be the most successful period of my career as an event professional to date.  Continue reading “5 Top Tips to Starting your own Business”

Venue Spotlight – ‘Chel-Ski’

I’ve another fantastic venue spotlight for you this week, and one that will certainly appeal to both unique venue, and piste and apres-ski lovers!

Last night I attended the launch event for Chel-Ski, the latest and largest indoor ski centre to open in central London and situated right in the heart of Chelsea. Continue reading “Venue Spotlight – ‘Chel-Ski’”

Happy New Year #Eventprofs!

Well, I can’t quite believe it, but it’s officially one year since I launched Diary of an #Eventprof, and there’s no post that’s more fitting than one that tells how I celebrated the New Year and welcomed in 2016 just a few weeks ago! Continue reading “Happy New Year #Eventprofs!”

5 Tips for Venue and Event Planner Harmony

I love this industry we work in, it’s the most rewarding I know and I’m loving the change I’ve made from venue to planner however, there’s one thing that is clouding my new found joy at the moment. Continue reading “5 Tips for Venue and Event Planner Harmony”

Christmas at The London Mal in pictures!

I love the London Mal. It’s one of my favourite hotels in London and takes me back to my Barbican days when I used to escape there looking for some quiet time! Continue reading “Christmas at The London Mal in pictures!”

5 Top Tips to Drive your Twitter Engagement!

I’ve been in the Top 10 of the Eventopedia Power 250 for a number of weeks now so it would appear that I’m doing something right when it comes to my social media strategy. Continue reading “5 Top Tips to Drive your Twitter Engagement!”

It’s the Start of a new Chapter…

Well what a fantastic six months I’ve had on this little journey of rediscovery I’ve embarked on, and it’s fantastic to announce that I have reached the first milestone!  Continue reading “It’s the Start of a new Chapter…”

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