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A Lesson in Event Management!

Last month I delivered my first major event project, Retail Recharged, a half day conference and networking event for the retail and retail technology communities on the 20th October. Continue reading “A Lesson in Event Management!”

‘Venue Spotlight’ – Belgraves London

I’ve a real treat for my latest venue spotlight! Belgraves London in Knightsbridge is a little hidden gem and if you’re looking for something chic and stylish yet homely for your next event then I definitely recommend you take a look. Continue reading “‘Venue Spotlight’ – Belgraves London”

What does your logo colour really mean?

How many times have you looked at your logo colour and wondered what it says about you? I’ve started looking at colour very closely in recent months whilst launching my brands ‘Diary of an #Eventprof’ and the ‘EWL Club’ and more recently my personal brand and colour as I start work as a Freelancer. Continue reading “What does your logo colour really mean?”

My Visit to the Quintessentially Wedding Atelier!

So whilst most of you were heading to the bars last Friday, well anyone who didn’t have an event to manage of course, I was on my way to one of my favourite venues in London, Somerset House to see what the Quintessentially Wedding Atelier had in store.  Continue reading “My Visit to the Quintessentially Wedding Atelier!”

Are Events still an effective Public Relations tool?

It was great to receive an invitation to the Eventopedia Discovery event last week at the stunning One Horse Guards. The topic was ‘Events for PR’ and I was particularly interested in their question “Are events still an effective public relations tool?”. Continue reading “Are Events still an effective Public Relations tool?”

A Very British Evening with Plenty of Thrills!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Kent House in Knightsbridge then I highly recommend you take a look. I had the pleasure of attending their venue showcase last Thursday evening and I was taken aback by how elegant the venue was. Continue reading “A Very British Evening with Plenty of Thrills!”

What Personal Development means to me…

I took part in a very interesting #EventPlannersTalk on twitter last night and the question of personal development came up. I’m currently on my own personal development journey Continue reading “What Personal Development means to me…”

Undiscovered Cycling…

Why a post on cycling on an event blog? All will become clear in just a few paragraphs…

Continue reading “Undiscovered Cycling…”

A Month of Amazing Volunteer Experiences…

Well what a month February 2015 was for me and for Diary of an #Eventprof!  There’s been so much happening since I started blogging at the end of January and more importantly lots of volunteering! Continue reading “A Month of Amazing Volunteer Experiences…”

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