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It’s all about Automation #eventprofs

Anyone who manages the marketing and communications for their business or events programme knows the workload and overall minefield that can be faced by the numerous digital channels, media and programmes that are available to us as event professionals. Continue reading “It’s all about Automation #eventprofs”

Don’t forget Generation X

I love reading those posts on social media feeds where employers and event organisers have really gone the extra mile in terms of engagement, retention, and content, and generally making the day to day lives of people more enjoyable. Continue reading “Don’t forget Generation X”

The importance of free speech

I don’t need to tell you that it’s a little bit crazy on the world merry-go-round right now, crazy and some would go so far as to say dangerous.

Significant political moves to the far right and of extreme nationalism are threatening the liberal foundations of 70 years of relative peace and stability within Europe, but also attempting to threaten globalisation. Continue reading “The importance of free speech”

Freelancing… what’s the benefit?

There’s an interesting legal case that has taken place this week, that’s probably going to go to the Supreme Court, and it’s got nothing to do with Brexit or the Donald! Continue reading “Freelancing… what’s the benefit?”

Networking isn’t working

I received a message this week from a Senior Event Manager at a very large corporate, who shall remain anonymous, asking for more information on EWL. Continue reading “Networking isn’t working”

“You just keep me hanging on!”

What a week! What started off fairly franticly has proved to be quite a productive 5 days in old event land, with a very satisfying conclusion, but it certainly hasn’t been easy.

We’re just under a week away from the first official event on the EWL Club 2017 event programme, and up until 5 hours ago I was still without an official venue (though negotiations were underway). Continue reading ““You just keep me hanging on!””

A Review of the Year

Well how was it for you? 2016 I mean, how was it for you really?

My 2016 was pretty good, the first official year as a fully re-qualified event marketer. First official year as director of EWL Club. Last but by no means least, first official year as a new mum! Continue reading “A Review of the Year”

How do you maintain a work life balance?

I read a great CIM blog post this week that really resonated with me – particularly having a new business and a new family member to take care of – about maintaining the work-life balance.

It got me thinking about how, as event professionals and marketers, do we balance home and office, family and colleagues, play and work? It’s certainly not easy, but more and more we are being told that it’s not only healthier it’s good for business too. Continue reading “How do you maintain a work life balance?”

EWL and what it means to me

Wow what a week it’s been, and quite possibly one of the most exciting but also exhausting periods of my career to date. The company and brand I started 18 months ago has officially expanded from London to the regions and also launched its very own industry mentoring programme, Evolve. Continue reading “EWL and what it means to me”

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