Diary of an #Eventprof

A Journey from Sales Manager to Events Manager

Networking isn’t working

I received a message this week from a Senior Event Manager at a very large corporate, who shall remain anonymous, asking for more information on EWL. Continue reading “Networking isn’t working”

“You just keep me hanging on!”

What a week! What started off fairly franticly has proved to be quite a productive 5 days in old event land, with a very satisfying conclusion, but it certainly hasn’t been easy.

We’re just under a week away from the first official event on the EWL Club 2017 event programme, and up until 5 hours ago I was still without an official venue (though negotiations were underway). Continue reading ““You just keep me hanging on!””

A Review of the Year

Well how was it for you? 2016 I mean, how was it for you really?

My 2016 was pretty good, the first official year as a fully re-qualified event marketer. First official year as director of EWL Club. Last but by no means least, first official year as a new mum! Continue reading “A Review of the Year”

How do you maintain a work life balance?

I read a great CIM blog post this week that really resonated with me – particularly having a new business and a new family member to take care of – about maintaining the work-life balance.

It got me thinking about how, as event professionals and marketers, do we balance home and office, family and colleagues, play and work? It’s certainly not easy, but more and more we are being told that it’s not only healthier it’s good for business too. Continue reading “How do you maintain a work life balance?”

EWL and what it means to me

Wow what a week it’s been, and quite possibly one of the most exciting but also exhausting periods of my career to date. The company and brand I started 18 months ago has officially expanded from London to the regions and also launched its very own industry mentoring programme, Evolve. Continue reading “EWL and what it means to me”

5 Top Tips to Starting your own Business

It’s approximately 18 months now since I started as a freelance events marketer and made the decision to set up EWL Club.  I can’t quite believe how far both businesses have come along in such a short period of time, and can quite honestly say I’m in what I consider to be the most successful period of my career as an event professional to date.  Continue reading “5 Top Tips to Starting your own Business”

Mentoring, what’s in it for me?

It’s been a wee while since my last post, but then I have been slightly busy of late. The birth of my little girl has kept me pretty occupied, yes that’s right I am now an event mum! Continue reading “Mentoring, what’s in it for me?”

How To Drive Event Sales with Emotions

My second contribution on EventMB…

Have you ever wondered what drives our decisions and why customers make the purchasing choices that they do? Here are four ways of understanding the emotions behind our decision making and how you can use this to drive your future event sales. Continue reading “How To Drive Event Sales with Emotions”

5 Secrets of Successful Event Sales

My first contribution on EventMB, have a read…

Event sales are critical to your event success. Here are 5 tried and tested methods for building your own effective organic database and event sales pipeline and selling more tickets for your events as a result. Continue reading “5 Secrets of Successful Event Sales”

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