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A Lesson in Event Management!

Last month I delivered my first major event project, Retail Recharged, a half day conference and networking event for the retail and retail technology communities on the 20th October. Continue reading “A Lesson in Event Management!”

It’s the Start of a new Chapter…

Well what a fantastic six months I’ve had on this little journey of rediscovery I’ve embarked on, and it’s fantastic to announce that I have reached the first milestone!  Continue reading “It’s the Start of a new Chapter…”

An Intermediate’s Guide to Networking!

What type of networker are you? Do you love going to networking events and work the room like a bull in a China shop or are you the type of person that would rather hide yourself away in a dark cupboard than mix with a room of potential strangers? Continue reading “An Intermediate’s Guide to Networking!”

What Personal Development means to me…

I took part in a very interesting #EventPlannersTalk on twitter last night and the question of personal development came up. I’m currently on my own personal development journey Continue reading “What Personal Development means to me…”

A Month of Amazing Volunteer Experiences…

Well what a month February 2015 was for me and for Diary of an #Eventprof!  There’s been so much happening since I started blogging at the end of January and more importantly lots of volunteering! Continue reading “A Month of Amazing Volunteer Experiences…”

5 Reasons why the Events Industry is the best to work in!

I came into the industry from a PA background approximately 17 years ago and have never left. I love working in the Events Industry and that is the main motivation for my decision to change from Sales Manager to Event Manager. Continue reading “5 Reasons why the Events Industry is the best to work in!”

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