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Becoming an Influencer in the Events Industry

A little post popped up on social media again this week from Pheedloop, naming Diary of an #Eventprof as one of 10 ‘amazing’ blogs that #eventprofs should follow.

Not just great blogs… amazing blogs! Continue reading “Becoming an Influencer in the Events Industry”

Working mindfully with deadlines

I mentioned last week that it’s challenging trying to run 2 businesses in 2 days (although the odd extra hours here and there mean it’s not 2 days really! Ssshhh!).

The one thing I’m noticing more and more recently is Continue reading “Working mindfully with deadlines”

What value do we place on our personal development?

It’s been a slow return to work for the New Year as it seemed like everyone else was still on holiday.

It’s also been quite challenging getting used to working part-time and trying to run 2 businesses in 2 days a week (and some extra hours here and there).

Which actually led to the hard decision this week Continue reading “What value do we place on our personal development?”

2017: My Year in Review

Well hello there 2018! The start of another year, fresh perspective, renewed optimism for what can be achieved over the next 12 months, and a reflection of what has been achieved.

So how was 2017 really? Continue reading “2017: My Year in Review”

Mental health and tackling stigma

In case you didn’t know today is World Mental Health Day #eventprofs, and the focus of the campaign set by the World Federation for Mental Health is ‘mental health in the workplace‘.

As part of my support I’ve ordered my green pin badge (you can do the same by visiting the mental health foundation website), the pin badge is an indication of my personal commitment to raise awareness and support good mental health for all, but also to indicate that I am happy to chat about my own mental health. I’ll be wearing my pin badge with pride! Continue reading “Mental health and tackling stigma”

Creating a 360-degree wellbeing culture

It’s the final day of #EventWell17 and UK Event Wellbeing Week 2017, the campaign I co-founded with a group of fellow event professionals and peers who are passionate, as I am, about wellbeing in events.

I had the fantastic opportunity of sitting on the ILEA-UK panel at Square Meal Venues + Events live yesterday, to discuss ways of keeping your cool and managing stress levels in our day to day events role. Continue reading “Creating a 360-degree wellbeing culture”

How to get heard: The anatomy of power games (Leaders Plus, Part 1)

How can I get my voice heard returning to work as a new parent, and how has being a parent changed my leadership approach? Continue reading “How to get heard: The anatomy of power games (Leaders Plus, Part 1)”

Bipolar & Me

My name is Helen Moon, I’m an Events Professional and I have Bipolar. Continue reading “Bipolar & Me”

Be bold for change

This week saw 2017’s International Women’s Day, and the campaign message #beboldforchange, encouraging all women to be bolder, stronger and more powerful in all spheres of their lives.  Continue reading “Be bold for change”

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