Diary of an #Eventprof

A Journey from Sales Manager to Events Manager



It’s all about Automation #eventprofs

Anyone who manages the marketing and communications for their business or events programme knows the workload and overall minefield that can be faced by the numerous digital channels, media and programmes that are available to us as event professionals. Continue reading “It’s all about Automation #eventprofs”

Don’t forget Generation X

I love reading those posts on social media feeds where employers and event organisers have really gone the extra mile in terms of engagement, retention, and content, and generally making the day to day lives of people more enjoyable. Continue reading “Don’t forget Generation X”

How To Drive Event Sales with Emotions

My second contribution on EventMB…

Have you ever wondered what drives our decisions and why customers make the purchasing choices that they do? Here are four ways of understanding the emotions behind our decision making and how you can use this to drive your future event sales. Continue reading “How To Drive Event Sales with Emotions”

5 Secrets of Successful Event Sales

My first contribution on EventMB, have a read…

Event sales are critical to your event success. Here are 5 tried and tested methods for building your own effective organic database and event sales pipeline and selling more tickets for your events as a result. Continue reading “5 Secrets of Successful Event Sales”

Now that’s what I call creativity!

I attended another fantastic CIM event last week, this time at the newly refurbished Regent Street Cinema, one of the most historic cinemas in Britain, and a venue I highly recommend you check out as an event space. Continue reading “Now that’s what I call creativity!”

The Emotions behind your Decision Making!

Everyone seems to be talking about the emotional transaction associated with events at the moment. Though I’ll bet if you were to ask most people how they make decisions the majority will tell you “logic”!  Continue reading “The Emotions behind your Decision Making!”

5 Ways to Improve ROI on your Event Marketing (Infographic)

I attended a very informative webinar a couple of weeks ago organised by Symphony EM on ways to improve ROI on your event marketing. The webinar was presented by Gerard Lennox from Quba and he made some interesting points that I’ve put into a little infographic for you. Continue reading “5 Ways to Improve ROI on your Event Marketing (Infographic)”

What does your logo colour really mean?

How many times have you looked at your logo colour and wondered what it says about you? I’ve started looking at colour very closely in recent months whilst launching my brands ‘Diary of an #Eventprof’ and the ‘EWL Club’ and more recently my personal brand and colour as I start work as a Freelancer. Continue reading “What does your logo colour really mean?”

Personalisation and ‘The Age of Me’!

There is a real buzz at the moment around personalisation and as an advocate of social media and marketing innovation I feel compelled to write about it, particularly after attending three fantastic webinars that touched on the subject last week by Marketer Magazine, Event and C&IT Magazine and CIM. Continue reading “Personalisation and ‘The Age of Me’!”

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