It’s the second, yes the second, Event Wellbeing Week this week. A few years ago I would never have dreamed that we’d have even had a Wellbeing Day in the events industry, let alone be at the end of the first day of a whole week, and the second time around. How far we have come!

This year’s campaign is all about self-care or as it has been aptly titled ‘Looking after YOU and YOURS’, and what I wanted to do was share with you each day this week what self-care looks like for me.

Everyone has mental health, emotional health and physical health and it is important that you give equal attention to each. Just like cogs in a machine should one fail then things will very quickly grind to a halt.

My mental health is of huge importance to me as I have the added complication of managing bipolar disorder, a chronic illness that I was diagnosed with 10 years ago. In light of this self-care is crucial for me to be able lead as balanced and stable a life as I can, not just for myself as a pretty busy individual, but to also be the best mummy and wife possible for my little girl and husband, but not only that, also the best sister, aunty, daughter, friend and colleague.

Here’s what my day has looked like today.

Mornings are always early when there is a very young human being in the house, you can easily expect an early call around 6/6.30am. This morning though we had a little lie in and slept through to about 8am. My husband had been away working this past weekend at IBC365 in Amsterdam so we’d allowed our little girl (she’s 2) to sleep with us last night as she’d missed her daddy, and waking up with a little face breathing in yours and a little hand on your face is the best feeling in the world, so I allowed myself to get an extra hour of that, bliss!

Self-care tip 1 – take the time to breath in the small things, after all they are really the big things.

Monday mornings are normally a mass of toddler mania, as this is my day off to spend my time with my little one and run around to the various classes we attend, music and swimming mainly (but not at the same time). Mr Moon took over the duty of the music class this morning to allow me time to catch up on #EventWell18 social media and emails with everything happening today. There was still the small matter of a swimming class to attend so we decided to catch up between classes to do the exchange and spend some quality time together as a family over brunch.

Self-care tip 2 – the most important things in the world are family and love.

A few quick calls on the way to swimming to put final arrangements in place for the #EventWell18 activities happening this week and then an hour spent at the swimming pool for my little one’s swimming class. My daughter has been going to swimming classes since she was 6 months old, which is something to behold watching little humans swimming underwater. It’s an amazing sight, and something that all parents should teach their children; the importance of exercise, activity and doing the things you enjoy regularly. Another plus is that I’ve actually become a better swimmer too, as you have to learn to swim and manage your breath underwater with them, something I wasn’t able to do 2 years ago.

Self-care tip 3 –  dedicate yourself to becoming better at something every single day

Chores this afternoon mixed with a few more calls and emails, oh and a very important Podcast recording with Event Industry News! (make sure you check it out), and then ended the day with a nice 5km run, especially nice as I’ve not been able to get out this weekend as Mr Moon was away working. I enjoy running and have done for a long time as I starting running at school (competitively then, but not anymore). It’s great for clearing my head after a busy day and processing all that has happened, and I like that I can take it easy or push myself as much as ‘I choose’. Today I took it easy as planning to push myself with another 10km run tomorrow.

Self-care tip 4 – doing what you love is freedom, loving what you do is happiness

It’s approaching bedtime and this evening I’ll be finishing off my day with a little mediation to help me sleep, maybe with a few aromatherapy drops of lavender and chamomile to help me relax and drift off nicely. If you haven’t tried mindfulness and meditation, or aromatherapy even then I highly recommend them as they could quite possibly change your life. You can try out a mindfulness session tomorrow morning at 11:30am, take a look on the Facebook page.

Self-care tip 5 – stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things is the best way to grow

See you tomorrow #eventprofs…