I was surprised this week when advised that a fellow organiser in the industry didn’t want me to sit on a educational panel because of a conflict of interest between our businesses.

What’s wrong with that you may say? Well, when you consider that the panel content in question was covering wellbeing in the industry, so I’d have been representing EventWell and not EWL which was the real reason for their hesitation, you can understand why I may have been taken aback.

Which got me thinking about collaboration, which ironically is a key focus for EWL this year and we’re already working in partnership with a number of complimentary event businesses and organisations.

Collaborative working, for those who don’t know is basically when two or more people or businesses work together through idea sharing and creative thinking to accomplish a common goal. Which sits right at the centre of our new vision; “To inspire stronger, collaborative #eventprof relationships by connecting people through shared knowledge”.

“For businesses to survive in an increasingly connected world and market they must become more rapidly adaptive and innovative in ways that stakeholders increasingly value.”

Collaboration moves a company and business more effectively towards its goals, it creates greater flexibility, it’s simply teamwork taken to a much higher level.

In recent years interest in collaborative working has been growing, driven by the event industry’s desire for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Working with other businesses and organisations offers us as event professionals the opportunity to:

– deliver new, improved or more integrated services

– make efficiency savings through sharing costs

– develop a stronger, more united voice

– share knowledge and information more effectively

Working in teams isn’t just for employees and as we know in the events industry there will always be a desire to connect in-person, to be able to look into the eyes of a peer or colleague and work towards providing new and better solutions for whatever tasks may lie ahead.

It’s the essence of why we do what we do!

We all work in the ‘relationship business’, and working in collaboration with other businesses and complimentary organisations is the best way to serve our clients and support our employees easily and swiftly.

Here are my top 3 reasons why:

1. Scale

More effective problem solving happens when you combine resources in talent, creativity, experience and operations. Think ‘two heads are better than one’, and sharing resources helps you to not only reach new markets but reconnect with your existing clients.

Ecosystems rule and social organisations thrive when there are diverse and complimentary resources that enhance their client’s and employee’s professional lives.

“All organisations within the event industry are part of a greater whole, and there is huge power for us all in that.”

2. Self awareness

When you’re forced to articulate and distill what you’re great at and what you’re not so great at, it creates a greater understanding of your business and organisation.

Being honest about what you bring to the table can help you evaluate how you can help others and where you can make improvements.

3. Learn, learn, learn

Collaborating propels you to become an open organisation with a culture that encourages ongoing learning and development, and a structure that supports this.

The more you collaborate the more you optimise your capacity to stretch the boundaries of your organisation and the opportunities for growth in all aspects of your stakeholders lives.

Collaboration isn’t easy but over time it can get your business and organisation to a much more interesting position, and more importantly…

“Companies that collaborate are much more likely to innovate.”

Until next time #eventprofs…