It’s been a wee while since my last post, but then I have been slightly busy of late. The birth of my little girl has kept me pretty occupied, yes that’s right I am now an event mum!

I’m looking forward to writing more about this new chapter and the challenges of balancing family life with working in the events industry.

I am also pleased to report that things have still been moving at a fast pace during this period of radio silence.

EWL Club UK, the networking club for event professionals I started in April 2015, and then officially launched in January 2016, is expanding to the North and Midlands, with the additional launch of EWL Evolve in September 2016, offering mentor/mentee matchmaking to professionals who are either new or been in the industry less than five years.

This all got me thinking about mentoring and what this involves, and what if any are the benefits of being a mentor?

To be successful in any chosen career aspiring leaders need role models and people to look up to. This is becoming even more so in the events industry particularly as more graduates and now apprentices take up a career in events, where once good old fashioned experience was the norm.

No longer are we being seen as glorified party planners but more a professional industry that offers job satisfaction and security to future generations, as well as contributing £63bn to the UK economy.

So what about all of us old dinosaurs, sitting on a world of valued experience?

You may have considered becoming a mentor and dismissed the idea, probably due to the perceived effort and being time poor, or you may have even thought about approaching a mentor yourself and dismissed that idea because you simply didn’t know where to start, or the correct formalities in regards to approaching someone. And us Brits love a bit of formality!

It’s time to rethink your decision as mentoring becomes increasingly popular in the business landscape, and the truth is there are no real formalities.

Mentors and mentees can take on many guises, a work or industry colleague, an ex-employer/employee you are still in contact with, even a friend or family member can take on the role.

The basic role of a mentor is to provide advice and guidance, based on work/life experience, to someone of lesser experience or a protégé. This is done by fostering insight and identifying need knowledge and opportunity to grow.

What’s important to think about when considering mentoring is why you’d want a mentor/mentee and what you’d be looking to get out of the relationship, and then you set the rules.

Another thing to consider is what direction are you heading? In other words; Where do you want to get to? Where are you now? How are you going to get there? Mentoring can help with all three of these questions, but most importantly the latter, provided you choose the right mentor/mentee and for the right reasons.

So what are the benefits?

  • It enhances your skills. The experience you gain from mentoring can facilitate your own professional growth, making you more of an asset to your own organisation.
  • Mentoring allows you to strengthen your coaching and leadership skills, and question how you manage people and what you need to adjust to make improvements.
  • Mentoring can help bridge the gap between generations, developing a greater understanding of the challenges each one faces. For example, consider the baby boomers and millennials and how differently each one works and communicates.
  • Mentoring can improve your performance, by increasing your confidence as the talent you are helping to develop progresses.
  • You’re creating a legacy, not only something that has lasting impact on your mentee/protégé, but also on your organisation and the industry as a whole.

The good news is to take advantage of all of the above you don’t have to take part in an industry mentoring scheme, such as EWL Evolve or FastForward15 just to give some examples, you can also choose to mentor from within your own organisation.

The above all sounds like a good enough reason to me, I’ll keep you updated as EWL Evolve, evolves! Watch this space for more posts as my own career takes on a new direction, perhaps it’s my turn to become a mentor/mentee!

Until next time #eventprofs…