I attended another fantastic CIM event last week, this time at the newly refurbished Regent Street Cinema, one of the most historic cinemas in Britain, and a venue I highly recommend you check out as an event space.

The focus of CIM’s blockbuster production was creativity and integrated marketing communications, and there were some great contributions from a selection of creative thought-leaders from the world of marketing.

Anthony (Tas) Tasgal of POV talked about ‘The Brief Encounter’, the cast of Brand Remedy talked about ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Clair Dean and Chris Evans of OMD (not the band) talked about ‘The Matrix’, whilst Mark Challinor of Media Futures finished off with ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’.


Starting with Tas, his session showed us how to write that killer brief, with a focus that all epic campaigns start with a great storyline! He left us with some amazing take-aways which included:

  • Every story and every brief should have a golden thread.
  • Your brain demands things to be coherent.
  • Brief should have structure, where are you starting, where are you going, how are you going to get there.
  • Creative briefs are not VAT forms, avoid form filling.
  • Give ideas, give insight.
  • All creativity is simplicity.
  • Go beyond a piece of paper.
  • People remember things that are emotionally inspiring.
  • Facts and data are overrated.
  • People react to what a brand feels rather than what a brand does.
  • Brands work that create empathy.

His top tips:

  • Remember that your target audience are creatives.
  • Avoid becoming attention spam, simplify!
  • Create a thread – tell stories filled with humanity.
  • Be hip.
  • Save face.


The Brand Remedy team opened up the debate on “the big idea before your very eyes”, discussing sources of inspiration and illustrating a process that would help us to create marketing communications with real impact.

Their explanation of the big idea was:

“The big idea is a simple idea we can convey back”.

“The big idea is a fine mist of great experience”.

“The big idea is a process of discovery and uncovering the 10%”.

Key take-aways from their session were:

  • People have to relate to the big idea.
  • Big idea and authenticity have to sit in the same process.


Clair and Chris presented a great case study session on their innovative launch campaign for Channel 4’s drama ‘Humans’, with examples of the stunning creative and inventive media they used. The campaign was brought to life across multiple channels with partners Microsoft, eBay and Fuse Sport and Entertainment.

Key take-aways from their session were:

  • It’s much better to be a part of something great than sole owner of something mediocre.
  • 2016 has no place for ego!
  • You will never have enough budget and you will always try to do too much with what you have.
  • Be provocative and people will talk about it.
  • Don’t try to do too much, like Coco Chanel said “take one thing off before leaving the house”.

Their top tips:

  • Think big.
  • Quit the relay.
  • Be a sharer.
  • Offer ownership.
  • Welcome criticism.
  • Be tenacious.


Finally, Mark’s session rounded up the day with some of the best, and the worst, campaigns he has seen from around the world, across different media channels. He gave his insight on what creativity means when planning campaigns, and what we need to bear in mind to make campaigns truly memorable.

Key take-aways from his session were:

  • Don’t have a 5-year plan, have a 5-minute plan, the world is moving too fast.
  • Cynicism is the death of creativity, don’t be a cynic!
  • Same chance of someone being hit by lightning (0.004%) as clicking on a banner ad (0.003%).
  • The 4 Ps of Product, Price, Place and Promotion will become the 4 Es of Experience, Exchange, Everyplace and Evangelism.
  • Brands should sell emotion and the delight that they generate.

His top tips:

  • Innovate with multi-platform, bespoke and relevant service.
  • Make customers feel important, and engage them.
  • Collaborate, but lead your innovation.
  • Use humour when you can but don’t offend.
  • Creativity matters: exceed their expectations.
  • Think it through! Environment, context, impact.
  • Don’t forget to look outside your normal environment.
  • Inspiration is out there, use data to get closer.

Another fantastic, thought-provoking and insightful CIM event, they just get better and better and I’m looking forward to the next one!  I’ll leave you with the closing statement from Mark’s presentation – “Be excited, not scared! There’s never a better time to be in marketing!”

I’ll leave you with the closing statement from Mark’s presentation – “Be excited, not scared! There’s never a better time to be in marketing!”

Until next time #Eventprofs…