It took a lot of courage to walk through the doors of the London Dungeon a couple of weeks ago for the Riverside Rooms launch by Merlin Events.

I’m actually a bit of a scaredy cat and not a huge fan of the unknown so you can imagine my relief to see a few friendly ISES faces when I arrived.

The evening started with Victorian cocktails (and mocktails) served by a rather mischievous barmaid in the Gin Palace Bar before we were ushered out and embarked on a thrill filled journey through London’s murky past, which included a hair curling visit to Mrs Lovett’s pie shop and Jack The Ripper’s favourite watering hole the Ten Bells Pub.

Although scared out of my wits at times, well most of the time, as were most of the group judging by the screams (most of the rooms we were in were in darkness most of the time), it was without doubt good fun and definitely a unique way to start an event, even if I wasn’t brave enough to try out the drop ride at the end. I’d had enough by then and had definitely gained a few more grey hairs to add to my collection!

It was lovely to move upstairs to the Riverside Rooms for a slightly more relaxed drinks reception, with no scary surprises, just a few food surprises from Food by Dish, who experimented with the savoury and the sweet serving raspberry and foie gras macarons, chicken liver ice creams, hot dog eclairs and my personal favourite, doughnut burgers!

Mrs Lovett popped by again just to say hello and ask everyone to make their way into the dining room, certainly not a lady to be messed with as it was amazing to see how quickly everyone moved, obviously still a bit spooked from the experience downstairs. I definitely recommend if you ever struggle to get your guests to take their seats at your events, give Mrs Lovett a call, she’s a natural!

For dinner we were served boned roast guinea fowl for main with a creme brûlée egg, raspberry and basil salad and raspberry consommé for dessert, again all delicious.

The room was styled by Partridge Events with lots of red and black and tall candelabras, and the mix of the old with the new looked fantastic.

The Riverside Rooms managed by Merlin Events are five integrated rooms within the historic County Hall, all with wood panelling and fantastic riverside views of Big Ben and the London Eye. The space can accommodate up to 150 guests and is available for day hire as well as evening events and is the first venue in the Merlin Event’s portfolio that is available for day-time events.

You can contact their London events team now on 0207 487 0224 and also Merlin Events were a company winner at the 2015 UK Blog Awards, their blog is definitely worth a visit and you can check it out here.

A great event and definitely a launch and showcase that will stick in my memory for a long time to come, I’m still having trouble sleeping and it may take a few months, probably years before I can switch the light off again!

By the way it would be fantastic if anyone could help with our dinner table debate. Is there an official events industry term for a fake candle? A fandle perhaps? I would love to hear your thoughts #Eventprofs, until next time…