I came into the industry from a PA background approximately 17 years ago and have never left. I love working in the Events Industry and that is the main motivation for my decision to change from Sales Manager to Event Manager. It has not always been easy, there have been periods of extreme hard work and very long hours but there are some things that have made it so rewarding for me and these are it:

1. The people!

Working in events means you interact with lots and lots of very different types of people from all walks of life and you’ll make some great friends along the way as the industry is full of ‘people’ people who tend to be very friendly and outgoing. The best part for me is seeing guests enjoy themselves and getting great feedback is the most rewarding part of working in events, it makes all that hard work and creativity in the months leading up to an event worth it!

2. It’s creative and fun!

It’s great to have the freedom and be encouraged to lock into your creativity. The events industry is very competitive and you’re constantly challenged to come up with ideas that are bigger and better than the time before and it’s fun, not all the time, but most of the time!

3. The travel!

I’ve travelled most of the UK and visited Europe and America as part of my job. It’s not the same as a holiday but you still get to see and visit some great cities, see some amazing venues and meet lots of great and interesting people.

4. The variety of the job!

No day is the same, there is always something new and different to consider!

5. It’s great for personal development!

Events is a fast paced, exciting environment to work in, it’s a growing industry that’s expanding and changing day by day and there is always the opportunity for you to learn new things. When you work in the industry you become part of a large, but tight-knit community. There are many people who have worked in events in many aspects, for many years and there are many ‘veterans’ well known in the industry who are very open and encouraging and always more than happy to offer advice. I don’t know many other industries where you would feel comfortable approaching a top CEO and asking them for a few tips?

Working in events will inspire you to be creative, efficient and very organised. You need to be a great team player, be tenacious and be able to think outside the box, know what you want and be willing to go after it, be a risk taker. If there’s anything I’ve learnt from the past 17 years it’s to have a load of patience, persistency and a great sense of humour!

Until next time #Eventprofs…