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The return of a London Gem (Preview)

It was a delight to have the opportunity to visit this fantastic hotel on Friday afternoon. More so because it’s a hotel that I had the pleasure of escorting people around 9 years ago during my time as New Business Development Manager for the Principal Hayley Group, Continue reading “The return of a London Gem (Preview)”

How to be the best own Boss you can be!

You may have noticed, I think I’ve mentioned it a few times now, but I’m my own Boss.

Being my own boss has redefined my view on focus and prioritisation over the past 3 years Continue reading “How to be the best own Boss you can be!”

Conquering my public speaking fears

We all have a fear or displeasure of something don’t we? Those of us who’ll admit to them anyway. Flying, heights, spiders, cartoon characters in the flesh, public speaking (I’m not a huge fan of any of these!). Continue reading “Conquering my public speaking fears”

Sexual Exploitation and Harassment, is it all just a big exaggeration?

The above was the question put forward by a gentleman at the end of the EventHuddle debate I had the pleasure of chairing today, although he was really making more of a statement than asking a question. Continue reading “Sexual Exploitation and Harassment, is it all just a big exaggeration?”

Collaborative working, a win win for everyone.

I was surprised this week when advised that a fellow organiser in the industry didn’t want me to sit on a educational panel because of a conflict of interest between our businesses. Continue reading “Collaborative working, a win win for everyone.”

Becoming an Influencer in the Events Industry

A little post popped up on social media again this week from Pheedloop, naming Diary of an #Eventprof as one of 10 ‘amazing’ blogs that #eventprofs should follow.

Not just great blogs… amazing blogs! Continue reading “Becoming an Influencer in the Events Industry”

Working mindfully with deadlines

I mentioned last week that it’s challenging trying to run 2 businesses in 2 days (although the odd extra hours here and there mean it’s not 2 days really! Ssshhh!).

The one thing I’m noticing more and more recently is Continue reading “Working mindfully with deadlines”

What value do we place on our personal development?

It’s been a slow return to work for the New Year as it seemed like everyone else was still on holiday.

It’s also been quite challenging getting used to working part-time and trying to run 2 businesses in 2 days a week (and some extra hours here and there).

Which actually led to the hard decision this week Continue reading “What value do we place on our personal development?”

2017: My Year in Review

Well hello there 2018! The start of another year, fresh perspective, renewed optimism for what can be achieved over the next 12 months, and a reflection of what has been achieved.

So how was 2017 really? Continue reading “2017: My Year in Review”

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